Computer Teacher CV Template

An individual who is appointed by a school/college or computer institute to teach and train students on the subject of Computer Science is known as a computer teacher. A computer teacher is appointed on the basis of the experience and educational qualifications and has to carry out the duties of any regular teacher. Given below is a sample of a computer teacher CV template which can be used as a reference template.

Computer Teacher CV Template Sample:

Curriculum Vitae

Job title:       Computer Teacher

Personal information: [use this section to provide the personal information of the applicant below]

Name of applicant:

Age of applicant:

Phone number of applicant:

Residential address with zip code:

Email address of applicant:

Gender of applicant:

Current employment status:

Professional objective: [use this section to provide the career objective or goal of the applicant]

Looking for a job of a computer teacher in a school which is reputed and lets me showcase my teaching skills and love for the subject Computers.

Skills and Academical background: [use this section to give the skills and the educational qualifications]

  • I completed my degree in ________ [name of subject] from ________ [name of college] and my teacher training course from __________ [name of institute].
  • I am a __________ and _____________ [skills or qualities] teacher who has the required knowledge and experience.

Professional experience: [use this section to state the work experience details]

I worked as a teacher in ________ [name of college] wherein I won many acclaims for my teaching skills and methods.

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