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A dance teacher or a dance director is known as a Choreographer. It is his/her responsibility to teach and train artists and conduct a successful dance routine for an ongoing piece or art. A choreographer is responsible to choose and form his/her troop that will perform well in front of an audience like in stage shows, or in front of the camera for serials, movies, documentaries etc. The biggest attribute of a dancer is the fact that he/she should be well versed with all dance forms, and be able to teach the artists correctly. Apart from great dancing skills and the love of art, the applicant could also have post graduate degree in dancing and culture. This could help get an employment in Broadway, theater or documentaries. Describing the attributes and experience on a Choreographer CV template can eventually lead to securing a job.

Sample Choreographer CV Template

Curriculum Vitae : Choreographer


Area of Residence:


Email Id:

( Furnish latest and accurate information of the applicant)


To acquire the position of a choreographer at n esteemed studio/theater


(List out all the attributes and qualities)

  • (Mention which dance form applicant is familiar with)
  • (Mention shows handled and executed)
  • (Mention wherever trained students, taught in dancing academies)

Work Summary:

(Applicant can list out all the dancing studios where he/she was a part )

( Mention which shows were choreographed, and for which studios)

(If part of any famous training crew, mention)


Obtained Bachelor of___________(Specialization) from _____________(Institute)

(Mention any special training courses done)

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