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A carpenter is a skilled craftsperson who is specialized to work with timber involving construction, installing and maintaining buildings, furniture etc. They are vital to almost every facet of the construction industry. They are involved in construction, erection, installing and repairing structures and other fixtures related to woodwork. To do this they cut, fix and join more than one material together. There are various types of carpenters some work individually while others take contracts of a particular work for example, building door frames for an entire building. He may also work for a general building contractor; this gives him specialization in that particular work. A carpenter makes use of hand and power tools such as saw and machine drill for his carpentry works, hence knowledge of using these tools is a must.  If you are looking to acquire a good carpentry job, it is advisable to use a well defined resume that projects all your capabilities. You may use a Carpenter CV template for this purpose.

Sample Carpenter CV Template


(Furnish with accurate and updated information)

Personal Information:


Date of Birth:


Email ID:

Current Employment Status:

Objective:  Seeking for a carpenter position in a reputed construction company to grow and develop carpentry skills further.


High School____________    year _____ to ______

Bachelor of _____________ earned in year ______ to _____  from _________ University

Other Qualifications / Degree / Diploma: __________________________

Work Experience:

Name of the Company/Contractor: _________________________

Time Period:_____________________

Other Skills:  

(Mention all the skills which could be handy on the construction site)

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