Cable Technician CV Template

A person who is appointed to install, maintain, repair and work on various kinds of cables such as TV cable, telephone cable etc in known as a cable technician. A cable technician has a host of job duties and responsibilities and must be a qualified expert to get into this kind of a job.  If any person wishes to become a cable technician of an area and work under an organisation for cable installation, then he/she must have a CV prepared. Given below is a sample of a CV template of a cable technician.

Cable Technician CV Template Sample:


Jobdesignation: cable technician

Personal details: [mention the various personal details in this part of the CV]

Name of applicant:

Age of applicant:

Gender of applicant:

Full residential address:

Contact number of applicant:

Date of birth of applicant:

Current employment status:

Career objective:[mention the career goal or objective in this part of the CV]

Looking for a job of a cable technician in a company where I would be given a chance to showcase my skills and use my acquired knowledge of cables and wires.

Work experience details: [use this part of the CV to mention the work experience]

  • I have been working in this field of cable installation and repair for a span of ______ [number of years] years and have taken a keen interest in new age cable installation methods.
  • I have worked at various levels in this field and have the required experience to lead trainees and other technicians.

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