Bus Driver CV Template

Any person who is hired or appointed to drive a bus is known as a bus driver. There are various kinds of bus driving jobs such as school bus driver, tours and travels bus driver etc… Any person who is willing to apply for the job position of a bus driver must have a well detailed and well framed CV to submit to the hiring company. The following is a sample of a bus driver CV template which can be used for reference purpose.

Bus Driver CV Template Sample:


JOB POSITION: ______________[mention the exact bus driver job position]

Personal details: [write down the personal details of the candidate applying for the job in this section]

Name of applicant:

Address of applicant:

Phone number of applicant

Age of applicant:

Date of birth of applicant:

SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS:[ write down the qualifications and skills which make the applicant suitable for the job]

  • I am a trained bus driver holding a certificate obtained from ______[name of certificate issuing agency]
  • I am ____________ [qualities of the bus driver] and skilled enough to drive a bus in hilly terrains.
  • I am trained to drive in different climatic conditions.
  • I am _______ and _____________[mention the skills of the applicant].


My objective is to ________[mention the main objective or goal of the applicant] and work to the best of my abilities to prove my worth and showcase my skills as a bus driver.

EXPERIENCE DETAILS:[mention the various experience details of the applicant]

  • I have worked for ____________[name of previous employer]

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