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Bank managers have very strong financial prospects. Being a manager you are required to overlook all the smooth functioning of the bank as well as its branches. You are responsible for meeting sales targets and motivating other to work towards it. Promotion and marketing of the bank is also an added responsibility. Customer satisfaction is also an aspect of this job. Bank manager is supposed to present a detailed report to the head office on regular basis. If you are looking to apply for this post a few pre-requisites such as flair for sales, interpersonal skills, honesty and integrity, ability to negotiate, innovative outlook and good communication skills are necessary to secure this job. Well-structured bank manager CV template can assist you to display your skills properly.

Sample Bank Manager CV Template 


Personal Information:

(Applicant must fill out accurate and up to date information)


Date of Birth


Telephone No:

Email id:

Current Employment Status:



My aim to become a bank manager of a reputed bank to lead it towards growth using my capabilities and extensive experience.

Summary of Work experience

(Specify the past work done and position held. Also list out the time period)

  1. Worked at __________ from _______to_________

Position held_____________

Work responsibilities included_________________

  1. Worked at___________ from _______to_________

Position held__________

Work responsibilities included__________________

Educational background

(State the degrees earned)

  1. Earned the a Degree in Banking and Finance from _________in the year ______________
  2. Earned Masters in Commerce from ___________ in the year ________
  3. (Specify any other degree or accolade earned)

Skills and Attributes

(Mention skills and specialties of the applicant in a detailed manner)



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