Athletic Trainer CV Template

An athletic trainer is a person who is appointed by a sports or athletics association to give training to athletes and sportspersons. An athletic trainer is responsible for the overall physical fitness and training of these athletes and must be a qualified trainer with the required experience and qualifications. One must have a well framed CV so as to apply for the position of an athletic trainer. The following is a sample of an athletic trainer CV template.

Athletic Trainer CV Template Sample:


Personal details: [mention the various personal details in this part of the CV]

Name of applicant:

Age of applicant:

Full residential address:

Contact number of applicant:

Date of birth of applicant:

Current employment status:

Career objective:[mention the career goal or objective in this part of the CV]

Looking for a job of an athletic trainer in a well reputed sports centre or organisation where I would be able to out my vast experience to good use and help athletes reach a high level of fitness and training.

Work experience details: [use this part of the CV to mention the work experience]

  • I have previously worked with ___________ [name of organisation] as an athletic trainer for ____ [number of years] years and have been successful in helping many popular athletes of the nation.
  • I was previously employed by _______ [name of employer/organisation] and contributed to train the athletes and helped them reach national level athletic games.

Skills and qualities:[use this part to present the skills and other attributes]

  • I am ______ and ___________ [mention the qualities].

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