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Art is a field that can be pursued by only those people to whom Arts is in their blood. Art is a vast field and comprises of a lot of different aspects and areas. Some art related fields are photography, painting, music and even dance. Art is synonymous to beauty and lies in the eye of the onlooker.

An Art CV template is a ready to use document which is taken in use by people who want to apply in any kind of an Art field. Any CV template contains all the main outlines required in a CV and just needs to be filled in with the necessary personal details of the person applying for the particular art position.

There can be a variety of Art CV templates depending upon the different areas in the field of Art. The following are a few examples:

  • Photography CV template
  • Sketching CV template
  • Music CV template


Any Art CV template is a very important piece of a document when it comes to the career of an Art aspirant. The way a CV is drafted creates an impact on the employer and can influence his influence. Not everyone is able enough to frame a CV correctly, that is where the role of a CV template becomes clear.

Metal Works Artist CV Template

Art Administrator CV Template

Art Director CV Template

Choreographer CV Template

Comedian CV Template

Commercial Artist CV Template

Desktop Publisher CV Template

Fashion Designer CV Template

Film Production Assistant CV template

Graphic Artist CV Template

Interior Designer CV Template


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