Aircraft Mechanic CV Template

An aircraft mechanic is a person who is appointed by an airline association or a governmental aircraft centre for the purpose of repair and preventive maintenance of aircrafts and other aircraft parts. This job profile can only be taken by trained and skilled experts. To apply for this job position, one needs to come up with a CV or curriculum vitae stating his/her qualification and other details. Given below is a sample of an aircraft mechanic CV template for your reference purpose.

Aircraft Mechanic CV Template Sample:


Personal details: [mention the personal details of the applicant below against the given points]

Name of applicant:

Age of applicant:

Full residential address:

Contact number of applicant:

Email address of applicant:

Current employment status:

Career objective  [write down the objective or goal of the applicant below]

Looking for a job position of an aircraft mechanic in a reputed aircraft company where I would be able to showcase my skills and use my experience in the best possible manner.

Professional skills and experience:  [write down the skills and experience details of the applicant in the part given below]

  • I am ________ and ___________ [mention the qualities of the applicant here] who is experienced at solving aircraft related problems in a swift manner.
  • I have worked for ______ [time span] years at ___________ [name of the previous work employers] and gained a rich experience by working at these places.

Educational qualifications [mention the educational qualifications of the applicant]

  • Pursued graduation in __________ [name of subject] from ___________ [name of college].
  • Pursued a diploma course of aircraft maintenance from _____________ [name of institute].

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