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Advertising is a kind of a communication medium which is used to persuade the audiences to buy or purchase a product, service or an idea offered by the first party. Advertising is a field that requires a lot of creativity and follows no particular method or pattern for running. People with innovative tactics are well suited for the advertising field.

An advertising CV template is a document required to apply to the advertising department of a company. This document is a customisable according to needs and requirements which are different for every individual. An advertising CV template must consist of all the qualifications of the applicant which makes him the perfect candidate for the job in question.

The advertising field is a vast one and has a lot of job profiles involved in it. The following are a few examples of an advertising CV template:

  • Media advertising CV template
  • Sales advertising CV template
  • Product advertising CV template


The main points that an advertising CV template contains is the applicant’s name and contact details, the various details of the courses done by the applicant which are related to the advertising field and the past experiences in the similar kind of a job.

Media/Advertising Sales Agent CV Template

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