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The challenging role of an advertising assistant demands him to portray efficiency in work and eagerness towards tasks. An advertising assistant works directly under the advertising officer and is responsible in assisting the officer in brand building, communications and promotion. As an advertising assistant reports directly to the advertising officer, applicant must project a strong character and passion towards his work. Candidate applying for this post must have required knowledge and skills to successfully land a job. A well designed resume helps to demonstrate the strong skills and capabilities of the applicant. Using an Advertising Assistant CV template can prove to be very useful in putting across the right image of the candidate.

 Sample Advertising Assistant CV template

Curriculum Vitae

(Furnish applicant’s correct and updated personal information in this part of the CV)

Name of the Applicant-


Phone Number-

Email id-

Date of Birth-

Current Work Status-

Career Objective

Seeking to secure the position of an Advertising Assistant to demonstrate my skills in__________ and _________ in a distinguished establishment.


(Mention the degree earned along with other qualifications)

  • Obtained degree of _____________in the year ___________ with______(Mention grade)
  • Obtained Masters from _________ in the year________ with ________(Mention grade)
  • (Mention any other professional degree if obtained)

Work history

(Furnish detail about previous jobs and the position held)

  • ___________________ (Company name)

___________________(Position held)


From_____ to _____

  • ___________________(Company name)

___________________(Position held)


From_____ to _____

Core Competencies

(List out strong skills and attributions and qualities of the applicant in detail)



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