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Administration is the job of performing management of a business, a task or any other work. It can also be known for directing people to get a particular work done according to the needs and requirements. Each field of work such as business administration, school administration etc… require different set of work and responsibilities.

An administration CV template is a written document that is ready to use and is helpful in cases where a person applies for an administrative job in a company or organisation. These documents consist of all the details that a perfect administrative CV should contain. All the applicant has to do is to fill his/her own personal details to make it his/her own administrative CV.

The following are a few examples of administrative CV templates:

  • Hotel administration CV template
  • Business administration CV template
  • School administration CV template


The main points that an administration CV template should contain are the personal details of the applicant, all the educational qualifications and skills of the person, the proof of all the administration related courses that the applicant has pursued. Any CV template should mainly consist of a paragraph which contains all the aims, objectives and skills of the person which makes the person the right choice for the administrative job.

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